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About me

My name is Barb Johnson; I have been a potter for over 30 years.  I chose clay because of the endless formations and incredible intensifying colors that can be created through the many combinations of glazes and firings.   I work with three different clays; earthenware, and two high fire porcelains.  Within the past three years I have expanded to mosaics using many of my handmade pieces as well as stained glass.  I take much of my inspiration from nature and have incorporated the use of leaves from my garden, including grape, fig, passion vine, lotus, ivy, etc. I am not a production potter, each piece of pottery is individually created, one-of-a-kind and never exactly duplicated.  All of the glazes I use are food safe and are durable enough to be used inside or out as mini ponds with water or simply for display.


I present my work a few times a year at local art shows.  Throughout the years my pottery has been reviewed and received numerous awards at juried shows and exhibits.  I realize there are many different tastes for art so I try and create a little something for everyone, with each passing year providing new and different perspectives.   I get great pleasure when someone is attracted to my work, whether they purchase it or not isn't important just knowing it is appreciated is enough.

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